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SMD5050 High Voltage LED strips
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High voltage LED strip is the "updated version" of the low voltage LED strip. DC 12V LED strips has to work with an adapter, and its best length is 5 meters. For more projects, it is not convenient for installation.

And, the high voltage LED strip can offer a better solution:
You can connect 100 meters without connection plug during installations, and for RGB LED strips’ installation, no signal amplifier will be needed. As you know, for low voltage LED strips, 1 RGB Amplifier is needed for every 5 meters RGB LED strips.
And high voltage LED strips can also save costs on power supplies, because it can be connected with 220V/110V AC power supply directly, so, no adapters will be needed either.

This 5050 high voltage LED strips is made by high quality SMD5050 LED, 15 Lumens per each LED,


We offer Red, Green, Blue, White, Warm White and RGB.


each 0.5 M can be cut,( for RGB high voltage led strips, each 1 M can be cut)


AC110V or AC220V is available.


30LED/M and 60LED/M is available.


Download User Manual Here.

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1.      Directly connect to AC110V or AC220V, without adapters.
2.      Energy saving, environment protection, longer life, low lightness decay, Flexible, IP67waterproof.
3.      High quality and bright SMD LED used as lighting source,
4.      Competitive prices, no extra power supplies or transformers needed.
5.      Less 1% brightness decrease after 3,000 hours.
6.      Long lifespan: 50,000 hours.

1.      InstallationTake it out of the package, make sure it comes with necessary accessories, which should include: fixing clips, middle plugs, end caps, head wires. fix the strips with clips onto where you need to install, put the wire into sockets to light the strips.
2.      Cut: Cut the strips only along the cutting mark on the PCB. Block up the end with end caps, seal with enough glue to make sure it’s still waterproof.
3.      Connection: Plug the head wire into a strip to conduct the electricity, or plug a middle plug into the ends of two separate strips to connect them into a long strip, after well connected, seal all the plugs with enough glue.

1-Architectural decorative lighting
2-Window display lighting
3-Amusement park or theater
4-Emergency lighting
5-Stairway accent lighting
6-Ad signs, light boxes
7-Back lighting for signage letters
8-Swimming pools and fountains
9-Holiday decorative lighting
10-Car decorative lighting




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