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12 Volt 48W Non waterproof power supply
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This kind of  AC Adapter easily converts the high voltage from a wall outlet to the low voltage required to

power LEDs. It steps down input voltage from 100V - 240V AC to 12V DC output voltage. 

Our efficient switching adapters are available in many convenient amperages to suit your project needs: 1

amps, 3 amps, 5 amps, 8 amps, 10 amps, and so on.


How to select the right amperage for the LED strips?

you need to figure out the total Watts of your LEDs firstly.

Suppose you are powering 5 meters of our LED Ribbon Strips which is SMD 5050  LED strips, 12V,

60LED/M, that means: 72W/Reel( 5 meters). 

so, you may need an AC-Adapter which is 72W/12=6A,

but, if you select a 12V, 6A AC-Adpater,it would be at the limit of its capabilities. The LED

strips may not reach their full brightness potential, and the  AC Adaptermay work harder than it

should. In this case, it would be better to go with a96W AC Adapter. (72W/0.8=90W ).

so, we suggest that the AC-Adpater should only be used 80% of its capacity, by doing this, the AC-Adpater

can be used for a longer time.


All our AC-Adapters have been certified by UL, CE, FCC.

Technical properties:
* Size: 115mm×47mm×32mm
* Weight: 290g
* Input Voltage: 100-240V AC
* Output Voltage: 12±0.5V DC
* Max. Output Current: 4A


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