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Download FAQ LED Strips
Q: What is the meaning of "Aptlight"?

A: "Aptlight" means suitable light, as flashlight is a tool, we seek to offer a suitable tool for those people in need.


Q: How to be our distributor of LED Flashlight?

A:We seek long-term business relationship with out distributors,

Step 1: you send us mail about willing to be our distributor in your country,

Step 2: we ask for detailed information about you and your esteemed company,

Step 3: you provide detailed information to us,

Step 4: we send the dealer prices to you,

Step 5: you select the LED flashlight which is suitable for your business,

Step 6: you become our distributor in your country,

Step 7: we work together to expand the market share of "Aptlight" in your local market,


Q: What is the biggest difference between us and our competitors?

A: The biggest difference between us and our competitors is that we are not selling to our dealers, we are working together with you to expand the market share in your local market instead.

we are not willing to tranfer the LED Flashlights from our warehouse to your warehouses, we are more eager than you to transfer the LED Flashlights from your warehouse to the end customers, 


Q: How to buy from us?

A: Step 1. Tell us what type and the quantity you need.

    Step 2. We issue a PI to you, including the freight fees.

    Step 3. You pay us by bank transferring or Paypal or Western Union,

    Step 4. We begin to prepare the goods  after receving your payments.

    Step 5. We deliver the goods to you within 7 working days after receiving your payments.

    Step 6. We send you the tracking number.

    Step 7. You receive the goods.


Q: How to pay?


A: We receive the payments by bank tranferring, paypal, or Western union,



Q: How about the warranty?

A: We offer 5 years warranty for the LED Flashlight and 2 years for the LED strips,


Q: How to connect RGB LED strips?

A: Download for PDF document.


Q: What is the difference between 3528 and 5050 LED strips?

A: Download the PDF document.


Q: What is the difference between IP65,IP67,IP68?

A: 1-       IP 65 waterproof: with Epoxy Glue covered on the PCB and LEDs,

    2-       IP 67 waterproof: with Silicon tube Covered the whole LED strips, and sealed with cap at
            both end.
   3-       IP 68 waterproof: with Silicon tube covered the whole LED strips, then insert Epoxy 
           glue inside the silicon tube, sealed with cap at both ends.


Q:Can the LED strips be cut or trimmed?

A:Yes! You can easily cut the LED strips. Use a sharp utility knife. The LEDs are wired in groups of 3, so you should cut between sets of 3 LEDs.

Note: Some of the shorter lengths can’t be cut because of a critical power wire inside. Before you cut, just make sure you won’t be cutting a power wire, otherwise your LED strip could be damaged.


Q: Can the cut section of the strip be re-used?

A: While it is physically possible, it is not a simple procedure and not worth the effort. For practical purposes, you are better off discarding the cut portion.


Q: Once cut, is the strip still waterproof?

A: If you cut it right, it will maintain a degree of "weather resistance". But to make a cut strip fully waterproof again, we recommend you add some silicone sealant to the cut end.


Q: What is the best way to mount them?

A: Cable ties, also known as zip ties work for many installations. We also include a surprisingly strong 3M double sided adhesive mounting tape.


Q: How should they be mounted in the wheel well?

A: Before removing the wheel, you should hold the strip in a few locations behind the wheel until you find a suitable location. Play around with some different options. We find it works best if they are mounted on or behind suspension components.


Q: Do the LED strips require resistors?

A: No. The LED strips do not require any resistors. They are ready to work on any 12 volt power source.


Q: Which wire is power and which is ground?

A: The silver wire is 12v +, and the gold wire is 12v - (ground). If you accidentally reverse them, nothing bad will happen.


Q: Are LED lights waterproof?

A: We can make waterproof and non waterproof ones, waterproof or water resistant led strips, making them ideal sources for interior and exterior lighting of water intensive areas.


Q: Do LEDs work with dimmer switches?

A: LED lights can function just as any other light does, including dimmability. Almost all the led strips can be dimmed by Dimmers.


Q: Can LED lights be used outdoors?

 A: Just as LED lights provide energy-efficient, attractive indoor lighting, there are several LED outdoor lighting solutions that perform in the harshest weather.


Q: What is “watts”?

A: A watt is the unit of measurement for the amount of electricity a light fixture uses. When you’re talking about incandescent light bulbs, this term is commonly also used to express brightness, even though watts don’t tell you anything about how bright a light is. “Lumens” is the measure of brightness. With our LED lights, the wattage always means simply how much power is used. A typical 40W light bulb draws 40 watts of power and gives off about 300 lumens of brightness, while an LED bulb of 300 lumens might use about 6 watts.


Q: What is “voltage drop”?

A: “Voltage drop” means the gradual diminishing of voltage along the length of the wire as electricity travels away from a power source.  The term applies to what happens when a light or appliance is at a great distance from the power source.


Q: Do you have wiring diagrams for your LED lights?

A: Yes. Click here to see, download, and print wiring diagrams for our most popular LED light fixtures. These simple schematics tell you how to wire under cabinet lighting by connecting LED light bars and tubes to plug-in adapters or hard-wired drivers; waterproof and non-waterproof light strips to a 12VDC power supply; and RGB strips and light bars to a low-voltage transformer.


Q: Are LED lights dimmable?

A: The answer, in most cases, is yes! Click here to see a page that explains how dimming LED lights works; how you can dim our LED lights with our 12V DC dimmer switch.


Q: What is an IP rating?


A:“IP” stands for Ingress Protection. All of our products have IP ratings, which always has two numbers: the first stands for the protection against solid objects, the second number for protection against liquid. The highest IP rating is 68, and it tells you that the protection against solid objects is a 6, and the protection against liquid is an 8. Click here to see the scale of IP ratings.


Q: How do LEDs work?

A: Light emitting diodes, commonly called LEDs perform many different jobs and are found in all types of devices. Among other things, they form the numbers on digital clocks, transmit information from remote controls, light up watches and tell you when your appliances are turned on.


Q: What are lumens?


A:“Lumens” is the unit of measurement for the brightness of a light. Don’t confuse this with “wattage”, which is the unit of measurement for the electricity consumed by a light. If you’re used to incandescent bulbs, you probably use “lumens” and “wattage” interchangeably. But an LED fixture with the brightness of a “40 Watt” incandescent light uses much less electricity that 40 Watts.


Q: What is color temperature?

A: The color temperature of a light fixture is a measurement of the amount of yellow or blue in the white light that it produces. This measurement is expressed in kelvins; a higher kelvin number means the light is cooler/more blue, and a lower number means that it’s warmer/more yellow. Click here to download documents.


Q:What is high voltage led strips?

A:High voltage is an updated version of low voltage led strips, although low voltage is commonly used now, but, when connecting together, we will find that the brightness of the end will decrease, due to the voltage drop, and the standard of length is only 5 meters per roll, when the project needs many meters LED strips, it will be inconvenient for connecting.


So, we designed 110-220V high voltage led strips, it can be made into 50-100meters per roll, and no need the adapters when connecting, because it can be connected directly with the wall plugs, and its standard length is at least 50 meters, so, for big project which needs many led strips, it would be very convenient.

This LED strip light is our new products, which is the 220V LED strip light- the High voltage LED Flexible light. The Input Voltage of this Flexible LED Lights is AC 220V, not the DC 12V or 24V, there is no need the transformer no need the DC power supply. You can connect this High voltage LED Ribbon Light directly on the AC 220V or AC110V.

The 3-chips SMD 5050 LEDs per meter high output LED strips is made to satisfy customers’ seeking a high brightness of the lighting and brilliant colors effects, the product characterized by the use of TOP 5050 SMD LED as a light source, there are bright, colorful, brightness uniform characteristics, for home decoration, hotels, an ideal light source cabinet lighting options.


The Features of voltage LED Ribbon Light:

Input Voltage AC 220V no need the transformer no need the DC power supply!

Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Pure White/orange/pink/purple/Warm White available.

Used Super bright 5050 TOP SMD LEDs as lighting resources.

With accessories to help strip easy installation, strip continuous connection and strip connection to LED drivers.


This high output LED strip is IP67 waterproof.



Q: Flexible LED Strips


A: Flexible LED strips (sometimes called LED tape) have exploded in popularity in recent years. With LED tape, you can create unique atmospheres and visual effects that were not previously possible with the added benefit of low power consumption and excellent reliability. We have a wide range of IP33 rated strips, which are water resistant tapes and ideal for kitchens, restaurant lighting, etc. Our IP65 waterproof rated LED strip lights are designed for use in potentially damp areas making them safe for use in bathrooms and damp areas like Aquariums.


Q:3528 LED SMD Strip Light


A: 3528 LED strip lights are a high quality single colour LED Strip Light that can be fixed to almost any surface or space that is required. LED tape is completely flexible meaning it can fit into awkward spaces quite easily and has a 3M adhesive reverse, which makes installation a simple process.


We recommend our 3528 strips, tapes or ribbon for areas which require a subtle lighting effect like kitchens, coving, under cabinets, etc as they are an affordable way to create a professional look.


Q: 5050 LED SMD Strip Lights


A: 5050 LED Strips are high power strips and available in standard colour or colour-changing, they use super bright 5050 LED chips which are extremely bright and recommended if you want the best lighting effects available. They are our most popular LED strips for larger scale projects as they provide a good level of light for most common secondary lighting applications such as under cabinet lighting, plinth lighting or complete refurbishments on nightclubs, restaurants. Browse our range of LED strip lights online today.


Q:LED Strip Light Power Supplies
A: A suitable LED power supply is an essential part of your LED strip installation, it’s important you have the correct rated 12v power supply to run the length of strip light and avoid issues such as colour fading, overloading, etc.
Q: Which 12v Power Supply?
A: The main thing you need to consider is the power output you require from the 12v power supply. The rating of the power supply will vary on each installation as it’s unusual you install the same project twice…
To calculate the required 12v adapter for your project you simply multiply the wattage per metre by the number of metres of strip you will be running. For example, our 3528 strip light uses 4.8W per metre meaning you would need a 24W 12v adapter to run a full 5 metre reel. 
Q: 12v Power Adapters

A: Although the primary use of our adapters is to power our LED strip lights we find many customers purchasing them for other uses such as powering video recorders, toys, laptops, etc. If you have any item which requires a 12v power source then our 12v adapters will be ideal for you.



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